Don’t Give Up On Your Vegetable Garden — Best Things to Plant in August

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The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of gardening. Here is a list of vegetables that you still have plenty of time to get in the ground before putting your tools away for the season!

1. Cucumbers
Cucumbers don’t have to be a summer only food! If you plant in early August, you’re sure to have a gorgeous fall crop that will keep the feeling of summer days long after the temperatures drop. Make sure you’re feeding your cucumber plant regularly with liquid fertilizer to yield the best possible amount!

2. Kale and Lettuce
By planting these leafy greens later in the summer, you’ll be able to harvest them for salads into the beginning of winter! If you already grew a crop of greens at the beginning of the season, make your move quickly and plant a second round so you can have one more batch before the first frost.

3. Radishes
Did you know radishes are not only one of the fastest growing veggies, but also one of the easiest? If you plant them now, you can have a bountiful harvest in as little as 30 days! Put your plant in full sun to ensure that you get the best harvest possible.

4. Spinach
Just like lettuce and kale, spinach is happier in cooler temperatures. This makes it a perfect fall harvest! Just make sure that you give your spinach plenty of room to grow, and keep an eye out for any fungus that might form on plants that are too close together.

Make the most of these last warm days by getting out in your garden and planting something fresh and delicious! You’ll be glad to have home-grown produce at your fingertips as the wind begins to chill and temperatures dip. 

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