Get Your Home Show Ready

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Getting Your Home Ready To Show Virtually

Every home seller wants their home sold as quickly as possible. Even if your home is going to be shown virtually, you still want to leave a great first impression for a potential buyer. Here are a few things you can do to get your home “show” ready, even if it is only going to be seen on pictures and in video. 

Put everything in its place. Channel your inner Mary Poppins and do whatever it takes to ensure your home looks practically perfect in every way. Time to put things where they actually belong.

Don’t use counters as open storage. This is not the time to show off your favorite juicer. Counters should look spacious. That goes for bathrooms, too. Put any personal items in a drawer to keep them out of sight.

Don’t leave toys and pet stuff out. Babies and puppies may sell breakfast cereal, but not homes. Keep kid and pet clutter under wraps so buyers can focus on your home. Get a jumpstart on packing and start putting this stuff into boxes.

Let there be light. Bright rooms make your home look bigger. So throw back the curtains, pull up the blinds, and let the sunshine in! Just be sure to wash your windows until they sparkle. If your home makes a lackluster on-screen appearance, you’ll lose buyer interest before they ever get a chance to pull up to the curb.

Add final touches. Breathe life into your home with just a few accessories. Think simple but warm. Maybe it is a pair of colorful pillows on the sofa or a super-soft throw draped over the corner of the bed.

Keep up the curb appeal. Buyers may not want to step inside your house currently but they will probably drive by and check out the exterior. Make sure the outside is as inviting as the inside. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and make sure your windows are clean and sparkling. This may be the only time a buyer sees your house in-person.

Since in-person open houses are not currently happening, you don’t have to worry about your countertops always being spotless or taking your pets out of the house before people arrive. However, these simple tasks will virtually show your house in the best light possible and will help sell your home as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to your trusted local Shorewest real estate professional for the most up-to-date information and best practices when it comes to sell.

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