Keep Your Lawn Healthy Year-Round

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It isn’t cheap to keep your grass as healthy as you would like during the Summer season in Wisconsin. Sometimes it gets so bad that we have to dish out some cash to pay an expert or company.

Weed Control: Weeds are our worst enemy when we start to care for our lawns. They can pop-up a day after we cut the grass making it look like we never mowed. Keeping weeds out sustains a quality look and beautiful lawn with even heights.

Fertilizing: Fertilizing your lawn from the start keeps it healthy and green during the summer. Start maintaining your grass in the spring with four-applications per year. Applying too much throughout the season could be damaging.

Proper Mowing: Cut your grass at a healthy looking size. Most of us think we should cut as short as possible, but this damages the roots and could make your grass non-existent.

Watering: Sustain your investment by watering the grass every day that it needs it. Make sure to evenly water the lawn for the best results.

Winterize: You can get frost damage if you cut the lawn too short before winter. Cut it at a medium length to avoid diseased grass.

Don’t forget to maintain your lawn mower or tractor before putting it through the grind. A few things to change on a yearly basis are:

  • Spark Plugs
  • Oil
  • Air filter

Need help managing your lawn? Call our Home Services Center at 262.827.0200 or click here to fill out a service request form for your lawn care needs.

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