Shorewest Children’s Fest Day Recap!

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On Friday, June 23rd, Shorewest was honored to be the main sponsor of Children’s Fest Day at Summerfest. This event featured food and drinks at discounted prices, family-friendly shows and free admission for all from noon to three, courtesy of Shorewest. Though the event is advertised to families with children, anyone was welcome to come to the park and make the most of the discounts and free admission.

Both several days before the event and early on the day of, Shorewest President, Joe Horning, was featured on the TMJ4 program, The Morning Blend. This exciting event allowed him to highlight all of the different aspects of Shorewest Children’s Fest Day and all of the work that the Shorewest team put into making this vision a reality. This was a great way to remind people that the event was coming up and that they could have free admission into the park for an afternoon at Summerfest. 


As guests entered the Summerfest grounds, they were offered a “Map of Fun” which they could take to various stops throughout the grounds to get stamped and return to be entered to win a grand prize. Shorewest had two separate booths, one with an interactive mural painted by local artist Byada Meredith and another booth with a “spin the wheel” game where kids could win one of three prizes. Families loved to get group photos with the interactive mural and children couldn’t decide which prize they wanted most as they spun the wheel!

Thanks to our Community Partners, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity and Make a Wish, we were able to provide guests with multiple different activities and even a few take home crafts throughout the day. We are incredibly excited to see the boards that were signed by Shorewest Children’s Fest Day attendees get used in a local Habitat home and know that the impact that those signed boards will have on someone’s life will be massive. With Habitat and Make a Wish at our side, children were able to have multiple locations to acquire stamps for their maps, too!


The turnout for Shorewest Children’s Fest Day was phenomenal, with hundreds of completed maps and entries into the big giveaway. It was amazing to see people from all walks of life coming together with their families to enjoy an afternoon at Summerfest with us. Shorewest is proud to have sponsored a positive and accessible event in partnership with Summerfest and we are grateful to those who helped to make this event a reality and look forward to continuing the growth of our community presence and involvement throughout the rest of 2023.


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